Planning & Inspections


The Northport Planning and Inspections Department is responsible for administering the planning, zoning, subdivision, and building related ordinances and regulations in the city limits and within the Police Jurisdiction and Planning Jurisdiction. The Planning and Inspections Department houses the Chief Building Official, whose office performs inspections of all residential and commercial construction, and issues building permits and Certificates of Occupancy. Also in the department is the Code Enforcement Officer, who investigates and seeks to correct violations of the zoning ordinance and other related ordinances.

The Planning and Inspections Department provides staff support to the Northport Planning and Zoning Commission, the Zoning Board of Adjustment, and the Historic Preservation Commission.


If you have questions regarding development in the City of Northport, please contact a member of the Planning and Inspections staff. You may find a predesign request form, subdivision plat applications and checklists, building permit applications, sign permit applications, and other related forms on the Forms page of this website.

Residential Zoning Amendment / Map

2012 Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance