Northport Planning and Zoning Comission
(Appointed by the Mayor of Northport)

PZC meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm unless a special meeting is called.

Agendas & Minutes 

Appointed Members:
Mr. Shawn Blackburn (Seat 1) Mr. James McKinney (Seat 2)
Term Expiration 12/31/16 Term Expiration 12/31/17
Mr. Bob Hale (Seat 3) Mr. Ryan Whitson (Seat 4)
Term Expiration 12/31/12 Term Expiration 12/31/13
Mr. Bruce Higginbotham (Seat 5) Mr. Rex Veron (Seat 6)
Term Expiration 12/31/14 Term Expiration 12/31/15
Ex-Officio Members:
Mr. Robert Owen Mr. Rodney Sullivan
Mayor's Designee City Council Designee
Term Expiration 11/07/2016 Term Expiration 11/07/2016
Mr. Jerry Pruitt
Administration Designee
Term Expiration 11/05/2016
City of Northport Staff:
Mrs. Flora Gay Mrs. Jordan Brown
Director of Planning-Inspections Secretary
Mr. Charles Swann Mr. Ron Davis
City Engineer City Attorney
Mr. John Powell Webb