The Northport Planning-Inspections Department is responsible for enforcing the Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances of the City of Northport. This includes checking all plats and building permits for subdivision and zoning compliance. The Planning-Inspections Department is responsible for carrying out comprehensive planning for the City of Northport and it's planning jurisdiction.

Planning-Inspections is also your guide for all construction, renovation and development needs. This department also protects the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Northport by enforcing building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical gas and fire standards. We review building plans for construction, issue all construction and renovation permits and inspect all construction and renovation work. A judicial body within the department hears appeals on violations of city codes or ordinances.

Northport's Planning-Inspections department also provides staff support to the Northport Planning and Zoning Commission, Northport Historic Preservation Commission, and the Northport Zoning Board of Adjustment.

2012 City of Northport Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance
Article / File Description Active Date
Cover Pages Cover Page, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents April 2, 2012
Article I Establishes the purpose, intent, and jurisdiction of the zoning ordinance April 2, 2012
Article II Defines words, terms, and phrases contained within the zoning ordinance April 2, 2012
Article III Establishes and generally defines the zoning districts April 2, 2012
Article IV Establishes uses and standards within districts; non-residential setbacks, etc; open space; traffic management February 6, 2015
Article V Landscaping requirements February 6, 2015
Article VI Detailed regulations, including bulk, layout, residential setbacks and lot areas, etc. February 6, 2015
Article VII Specific regulations for the city's downtown, riverfront, and surrounding historic neighborhoods April 2, 2012
Article VIII Sign Regulations January 22, 2015
Article IX Regulations regarding nonconforming structures, lots, and uses April 2, 2012
Article X The procedures required for obtaining development approval; site plans, subdivisions, conditional uses, zoning certificates, certificates of occupancy, etc. February 6, 2015
Article XI The powers and duties of city officials and the Planning Commision and Zoning Board of Adjustment; variances, amendments, appeals February 6, 2015
Figures Figures and drawings referenced throughout the ordinance April 2, 2012
Appendix A Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance August 14, 2006
Appendix B Street Classification System

You may download a combined copy of the entire 2012 Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance here: Download (289 pgs, 10MB)